At Sagebrush Soap Factory, we strive to make quality, all-natural skin products that our customers love. Our family has been making handmade soap for over 100 years in Northern Nevada. We specialize in face and body soaps that provide a rich creamy lather, rinse off clean, but are also moisturizing.  We have researched oils and emollients and how they affect our bodies, and have developed skin care products that specifically address dry sensitive skin. We are proud to offer our products to you with a guarantee of satisfaction!

"When it comes to the formulation and creation of my skin care product line, it is important to me that I handle every aspect of the manufacturing process. When I started this business in 2004, my goal was to create a product line specific to MY skin type which was dry and sensitive.  I found that using ALL NATURAL ingredients in my formulas helped MY skin go from good to FLAWLESS.!" - Owner Cynthia Aiazzi